A Thought on Setting Goals

For most people, goals are what drive us forward in time. While some of us take the time to sit down with pen and paper to list them out, others quietly keep their goals to themselves. There are also those whose goals exist only in their subconscious minds, the people who are unaware that whatever they’re working toward is powered by something deep within.

I’ve found that having goals plays a significant role in my life. Setting goals and working toward them has been highly beneficial as I grow my career and move through life. I always have something to plan for and work toward. It’s easy to feel like big dreams are impossible to accomplish, but goal-setting helps make large, intimidating aspirations more achievable. I set small goals and use them as stepping stones to my larger ones. I’m always surprised at what I end up achieving. Every time I accomplish something that I’ve set my sights on, I gain a little more self-confidence. The achievement gives me inspiration to aim for things that, at one time, I never thought were possible.

They’re also good accountability reminders. It’s humbling when you look back on a goal you set for yourself and realize you were supposed to accomplish much more than you did. You’re able to see the changes you need to make if you’re going to get where you want to be.

I don’t feel like I need to have every moment of my life planned out, but setting goals does help guarantee that I’ll experience things that I’ve always wanted.