The Word

  • A Thought on Confidence

    Confidence. This single word can mean so many different things for all of us. It could be the one thing that truly sets us free and makes us feel alive. Or, it could be our biggest adversary, standing in our way and holding us back from who we’ve always wanted to do or become.

    Many happy […]

  • Advertising the Truth when Honesty Doesn’t Sell

    The term “fake news” isn’t new by any means, but thanks to now-President Donald Trump, it’s become the most well-known and widely-repeated of his many catch phrases. It rose to popularity during the 2016 election, in efforts to discredit journalists, the hard work they do to reveal the truth, and the media outlets they represent. […]

  • A Thought on Setting Goals

    For most people, goals are what drive us forward in time. While some of us take the time to sit down with pen and paper to list them out, others quietly keep their goals to themselves. There are also those whose goals exist only in their subconscious minds, the people who are unaware that whatever […]

  • A Thought on Obsolescence and Taking it Personally

    I was born in 1984. Before Blockbuster was really “a big thing,” I was already nearing my teenage years. Impressionable, overactive imagination, hormones driving me crazy—the works. Recently I heard about the last two Blockbusters in Alaska finally closing and I read that the last Blockbuster standing is in Bend, Oregon (and, they’ve recently started […]

  • The Case for Green Spaces: Combating Climate Change One Park at a Time

    When you think about urban areas, forests, wetlands, beaches or gardens aren’t necessarily the first thing to come to mind. But people have long appreciated the importance of open, lush, green environments throughout high-density neighborhoods across the country. From New York’s famous Central Park to random patches of grass with a bench, or “pocket parks”, […]

  • Why Story-Driven Marketing Works (According to the Brain)

    People in the U.S. consume over 100,00 words every day, as shown by this infographic. A whopping 92% of them prefer to consume content via the form of a story. The numbers speak for themselves, but sometimes the content doesn’t. With that said, which of the following ingredient lists give us a more appetizing read?

    Ingredients […]

  • Small Businesses Money Management Tips

    There are many challenges when starting and managing a small business, but one concern usually tops the list for most: money. Knowing how to efficiently utilize resources takes time – and so does making sure your finances are in order, especially if you’re just getting started.

    But there are several simple things small business owners can […]

  • The Power of No: How Narrowing Opportunities Can Lead to More Success

    Though we may all have our own definitions of it, everyone wants success. We dream about it, think about how we can achieve it and talk about it with those around us. Striving for success can be all-consuming, and if you’re ambitious, it seems to be ever-present. But what if the constant desire for success […]

  • Staying Sharp: 16 Writing Tips to Help Hone Your Craft

    The written word is a writer’s lifeblood. We should know—it’s what we do for a living. It’s a practice, an art. And sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass. You can run into writer’s block, creative fatigue, or just feel like you’re not improving. It might be time to sharpen the proverbial pencil with […]

  • A Thought on Work Worries…

    We spend a lot of time at work, so feeling comfortable and mentally sound while we’re there (and when we leave) is pretty important. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. For me, work worries have a tendency to creep in during off-hours, prolonging the stress from the day. Not only to I think about work […]